Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why did my jewelry break so fast?

Energy work can be a tricky thing, and sometimes the ego can lead you astray. Look back at the properties of your jewelry on the LYC Crystal Dictionary, and make sure you didn't jump the gun in your healing. Sometimes we pick out stones we need in the future but not right at this moment, and because your energy isn't in the same state as the jewelry's energy or a state that the jewelry can maintain and heal, it will break.

Another possible reason is the stones aren't being cleansed properly and the back up of negative energy in it is too much for the jewelry to process. This is common in stones that do not cleanse themselves.

In the event that this is your case please send us an email at because this is covered in your warranty. 

2. How long will my jewelry last 

You're jewelry will last as long as it needs to serve you. There isn't a set time, we have seen people who's jewelry lasted them 5 years and we've seen people who's jewelry didn't even last 5 months. Its all about the energy you put off on a day to day basis, and the situations you put yourself in.

For example you could be a very calm and attentive person, who knows when you need to wear your jewelry for healing and when you can give it a break and cleanse it and recharge it. Your jewelry could last you a lifetime. On the other hand, you could need ALOT of energy work. If you are constantly in situations that pull the lower vibrating energies out of you, (i.e. Anger, Sadness, Depression, Jealousy, etc.) there is a high possibility that your jewelry will need to be reset quite frequently.

If you are not cleansing it properly and recharging it properly, it will either break, and you'll have to send it in to get it fixed, or worse it will try and leave you (you'll think you lost it, but it really just doesn't want to be found). 

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