About Us

Meet The Woman Behind It All

Ilana Colon-Waters

         I established Gems By LYC in 2009, when I was 9 years old. At the time, we didn't know it as Gems By LYC, it was plain old Angel Hearts Accessories. This business was a product of my mom trying to cure my idle hands and mind with some productive and possibly lucrative. Angel Hearts Accessories was short lived after a decent amount of older women trashed my brand saying "There is no reason for me to buy your jewelry when I can make it myself", and if they weren't referring to themselves as someone who made jewelry, then they definitely had a friend. Basically, the market was super oversaturated and I had just started learning about gemstones, when i had a brilliant idea. This was the birth of AngelicHearts Gemstones, which was quickly adapted into Gems By LYC LLC. This gives us over 10+ years experience working with and learning about gemstones. We are arguably one of the most trustworthy sites to get Gemstone Knowledge.