About Us

Meet The Woman Behind It All 

Founder, Owner, and Everything Else!

Lana Colon

         My name is Ilana Colon-Waters, and I started my business in 2009. Now 12 years later it has grown into a well run establishment that I can truly say makes me proud. Here at Gems by LYC, I strive to make jewelry that is not only fashionable and high quality, but also of use to you in your everyday life. These gems do astonishing things from protect your mind, body and soul to bringing you prosperity and abundance, some even help you conceive and protect the new life. No matter what you are trying to bring into your life, I can assure you that Gems by LYC has the right product for you. In the end of the day I just want my company and I to make a difference in your life. We put programs in place such as the Re-Gift It Program, and the Grow With Me Program, so that you can ensure your jewelry is always a perfect fit for you! I hope your jewelry brings you as much joy as it did me while I was making it. Thank you for choosing Gems by LYC!!