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Meet The Woman Behind It All

Lana Yazmeen


      I established Gems By LYC in 2009, when I was 9 years old. At the time, we didn't know it as Gems By LYC, it was plain old Angel Hearts Accessories. This business was a product of my mom trying to cure my idle hands and mind with some productive and possibly lucrative. Angel Hearts Accessories was short-lived after a decent amount of older women trashed my brand saying "There is no reason for me to buy your jewelry when I can make it myself", and if they weren't referring to themselves as someone who made jewelry, then they had a friend. The market was super oversaturated and I had just started learning about gemstones when I had a brilliant idea. This was the birth of AngelicHearts Gemstones, which was quickly adapted into Gems By LYC LLC. This gives us over 10+ years of experience working with and learning about gemstones. We are arguably one of the most trustworthy sites to get Gemstone Knowledge.


Mission Statement

Gems By LYC strives to inform crystal enthusiasts of the proper knowledge of their gemstones and provide quality and affordable gemstones. Honesty, Integrity, and Inclusivity are the basis’ we use when we produce products and knowledge for our consumers’ consumption.

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