A Quote to Live By...

"Protection is essential to the preservation of your life, while Manifestation is key to the achievement of your goals"

- Lana Yazmeen

  • Custom Jewelry

    We offer custom jewelry of all varieties. From earrings to necklaces, you can customize anything to bring any desire into your life. Our personalized service allows you complete customizability and a one on one walkthrough the building process. Once you are satisfied, you are invoiced and the jewelry will be made and shipped within 2-3 weeks.

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  • Custom Jewelry Boxes

    A great place to store your gemstone jewelry and your go-to gemstones. This is a thrifted box of your choice, fully customized to your liking. From geodes to mosaics, or even just a simple stain and crystal placement. This boxes are one of a kind, and handcrafted just for you!

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  • Custom Pet Collars

    Our furry friends are susceptible to low vibrational energies, and these energies can take a toll on their behavior. From separation anxiety to the more rare case of entity interference, We can build a collar perfectly suited for your pet.

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  • Custom Home Defense Grid

    Crystal grids are an easy and essential way to protect your home from the negative energies and entities of others. This fully customizable grid only has 2 non negotiable features being the red marked protection crystals and the pink marked cleansing crystals. Check out our order form to get yours today!

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