Custom Home Defense Crystal Grids

A Crystal grid is an essential way to protect your home from the negative energy and entities that may be attached to others. It is an arrangement of crystals around the outside perimeter of your home that creates a sort of shield around your home. This grid is made up of protection stones and cleansing stones so that the grid is somewhat self cleansing. The bigger your crystals the longer you can use it without having to cleanse it yourself. Below you can find a reference pictures to show how to count your corners and walls to make a protection grid for your home. 

Brown and Grey crystals are optional and based on the amount of protection you feel your home needs. You may also be able to gauge if the orange crystals are necessary inside of your bathroom. You can get a grid that you may only have to cleanse for 2 weeks or one that can last up to a month at a time. Click the link below to place your order. After your response is viewed you will be sent an email with an estimated price, which you will approve or reject. If you approve the estimate you will be sent an invoice that you will be required to pay before products are purchased and shipped to you. These are custom grids therefore processing may take 1-2 weeks at most. All tracking information will be sent out as soon as products are packaged for shipment. 

Custom Home Defense Crystal Grid Order Form

Alternatively, If you are having trouble figuring out the best way to grid your home, send us an email at with your floor plans, and we will do it for you. If you live in the Greater Atlanta area an in home consultation can be scheduled for 75$. If you stay outside the Greater Atlanta area in home consultations will start at 150$ and are subject to increase based on location.

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