Gemstone bracelets are not a medical device, and do not substitute medical treatment. They can however enhance your healing and provide additional support to assist you during your healing needs. If your bracelet is working too well and starts to have to strong of an affect on you, Take it off immediately and only wear it in moderation.

*(i.e Lets say you buy a tourmaline bracelet to cleanse your negative self talk, and you find yourself going back and forth with yourself on what is right and wrong for you all day, which becomes overwhelming. Another example could be you buy a raspberry quartz bracelet to align your chakras, but you find yourself getting a headache and the arm the bracelet is on starts to hurt. Last example you buy a Rose Quartz bracelet to bring more love into your life, and men/women start throwing themselves at your feet, All Day, Everyday!)*

In these special cases you should take the bracelet off and designate certain times to wear it, when you feel confident in your ability to control it