Tiger's Eye Crystal Pairs For Protection

Tiger's Eye Crystal Pairs For Protection

Black Agate - To help protect new life  

Amethyst - Protects you from low vibrational energy  

Apache Tears - Protection from Psychic Attacks  

Atlantisite - Protection From Psychic Attacks

Green Aventurine - Protection from negative situations  

Aquamarine - Protection From Self Defeating behavior  

Bronzite - Provides Protection by sending back Negativity  

Carnelian - Protects you from nightmares  

Citrine - Protects the Aura and Cleanses the Chakras 

Goldstone - Protection from Physical Aches and Pains 

Labradorite - Protects you during times of hard transformation 

Lava Rock - Protects The physical body  

Malachite - Protects against negative energy  

Black Onyx - Protects you during dreaming and manifestation 

Peridot - Protects against anxiety, nightmares, deceit, and gossip

Pyrite - To provide protection while you take action

Black Tourmaline - To provide Protection while grounding 

African Turquoise - To provide protection and balance 

Clear Quartz - To amplify tiger’s eye power

Tourmalinated Quartz - To provide protection, grounding, and balance 

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