Crown Chakra

  • A high silica based stone
  • Releases fear of the future
  • Can open the chakra system
  • Often mistaken for Obsidian
  • Promotes feelings of freedom 
  • Can increase lightbody activation
  • Glass formed during meteorite impact
  • Can heighten the vibrations of your auric field 
  • Commonly associated with extraterrestrial beings 
  • helps grow and direct your soul in the right direction
  • Tektites' lack of water within its chemical composition
  • Tektites measuring in millimeters are called Microtektites
  • A form of meteorite, therefore it originates from outer space
  • Frees you from emotional attachment to material belongings
  • Your internal energy will immediately begin to raise upon touch
  • Green shades of tektites found in Czech Republic are called Moldavite
  • Has a strong connection to frequencies and energies of other dimensions
  • In some traditional societies, tektites are worn to promote fertility for both men and women
  • Can cause heightened psychic sensitivity such as seeing through the veil of the physical world
  • Tektites can be found all over the world, with localities in the United States, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and throughout northwest Africa


  • I am expansive


  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Earth
  • Element: Spirit
  • Zodiacs: All Zodiacs


  • Balance
  • Protection
  • Honesty 
  • Freedom
  • Consciousness
  • Psychic abilities 
  • Manifestation
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