Rose Quartz

Heart Chakra

  • Alleviates grief
  • Dissipates fear into love
  • Clears toxic attachments
  • Expands the heart energy
  • Grants truth and purpose 
  • Melts away mistrust and suspicion 
  • Helps to heal relationship problems 
  • Releases negativity that blocks love
  • Channels inner confidence and calmness
  • Replaces toxic emotions that may clog the heart
  • Assist in moving on from heartbreaks and hardships
  • Lowers stress, brings happiness, and soothes the soul
  • Brings issues to the surface that need to be addressed
  • Helps you call your soulmate, and fosters love between partners
  • Reawakens the heart chakra to the abundance of love available to it
  • Dissolves old hurts and opens the heart to trust in love and having faith in the benevolence of the universe
  • Opens you up to all forms of love including self love, familial love, platonic love, romantic love, and so much more
  • It removes fears, resentments, and emotional wounds, and circulates Divine loving energy 
  • Emits a strong vibration of unconditional love, joy, warmth, and emotional healing
  • Raises self-esteem, self-worth, and empathy, while balancing emotions and restoring confidence


  • I open my heart to give and receive love 


  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Venus
  • Element: Water, Earth
  • Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra


  • Unconditional Love
  • Forgiveness
  • Compassion
  •  Trust
  • Emotional healing 

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