aka The singer’s stone

Root and Heart Chakras

  • Raises self worth 
  • Dispels uncertainty 
  • Wards off negativity 
  • Encourages forgiveness
  • Keeps emotions grounded
  • Soothes the nervous system
  • Promotes the energy of love 
  • Bring love, heals, and calm
  • Helps you be a service to others
  • Decreases hasty decision making
  • Used to clear the psychic centers
  • Helps you share you unique gifts
  • Heals the heart and relationships
  • Helps one discover hidden talents
  • Increases self esteem and confidence
  • Helps you to understand your purpose 
  • Allows you to reach your full potential
  • Helps you feel apart of your community
  • Invites you to enhance your unique gifts 
  • Often has inclusions of black manganese 
  • Balances the emotions and soothes the soul
  • Aids in self-esteem, confidence, and assurance 
  • Comes from the greek word rhodos meaning rose
  • Promotes relaxation and brings a sense of well being
  • Has a calming effect and helps quiet psychic energies
  • Helps ease the feelings of loneliness, commitment, and betrayal 
  • Helps dispel negative states of mind, such as confusion and anxiety
  • Recognizes that you have a unique way of inspiring change in the world 


  • I use my gifts to fulfil my soul's purpose
  • I am living the life i want to live 
  • I release old emotional wounds and open my heart to love 


  • Energy: Receptive 
  • Planets: Mars
  • Element: Earth, Fire
  • Zodiacs: Taurus


  • Love of yourself and others
  • Vitality
  • Support
  • Emotional Balance
  • Love 
  • Forgiveness
  • Healing 
  • Balance
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What do you mean by “the singers stone” ?


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