Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras

  • Leo’s Birthstone
  • Helps break addictions
  • A talisman for good luck
  • Releases emotional tension
  • A symbol of purity and mortality
  • Aids during periods of transition
  • Inspires trust in the higher power
  • Encourages you to be independent 
  • Helps you avoid recurring mistakes
  • Increases happiness and abundance
  • Initiates healing in the physical body
  • Enhances ESP (Extra Sensory Protection)
  • Promotes optimism, strength, and forgiveness
  • Opens, activates, and cleanses the heart chakra
  • Brings about financial and spiritual abundance
  • Brings harmony and compassion in relationships
  • Encourages you to have a positive outlook on life
  • Bring forward the best version of you in your life
  • Strengthens the metabolism and benefits the skin
  • Ideal for clearing emotional issues that affect the body
  • Increases responsibility and confidence in your abilities
  • Cleanses your energy and neutralizes toxins on all levels 
  • Protects against anxiety, nightmares, deception, and gossip
  • Helps sharpen the mind and opens the mind to new ways of thinking
  • Supports the endocrine system, digestive system, and strengthens the eyes
  • Increases and attracts wealth, prosperity, health, joy, and emotional well being
  • Protects you from negative external influences and helps dissolve feelings of guilt
  • Helpful during the birthing process by stimulating contractions, assisting in opening the birth canal, and easing pain


  • I am Blessed
  • My heart is open to new opportunities and ideas


  • Energy: Projective 
  • Planets: Venus, Earth, The Sun
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiacs: Leo, Sagittarius, Scorpio, Taurus, Virgo


  • Positive Manifestation
  • Strength
  • Protection
  • Self-Worth
  • Liberation
  • Release 
  • Growth
  • Independence
  • Cleansing
  • Success

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