aka “The Birthstone of the Cosmos”

Root and Crown Chakras

  • Supports healing and releases the toxins in your body
  • Harmonizes with all types of Quartz and other stones
  • Enhances your awareness and encourages kindness to the self 
  • Will activate and amplify the other minerals that are present in it
  • A very grounding stone that will make you feel safe, secure, and stable
  • Excellent for meditation because it will harmonize your personal energies
  • Increases your physical vitality that will help you overcome your challenges
  • Very programmable and will help you to achieve your personal and spiritual goals
  • Helps you acknowledge that you are a spiritual being enjoying a physical experience 
  • has encouraging and supportive energy which stimulates you to get rid of your old habits and emotional patterns
  • Activates your psychic abilities and promotes growth in your spiritual pursuits and endeavors
  • A rare combination of Arfvedsonite, Zircon, Calcite, Acmite, Anorthoclase, Riebeckite, Aegirine, Quartz, and many other minerals.
  • A good stone to have in times of tragedy, confusion, and despair, inspiring you to remember other people’s kindnesses and to reflect upon only the positive things
  • Will clear the negativity from your aura and stimulate kundalini and your psyche, giving you the courage and the energy to do whatever is necessary for achieving your highest path
  • Will provide you with a revolutionary and unorthodox energy that will make your transformation possible
  • A new gemstone that was discovered in 1995 by Karen and Ron Nurnberg in a mountain region in Mexico
  • Is said to free your mind from unwanted bonds and ties, while inspiring invention and discovery. and give you the courage to experience a real adventure


  • I am free of all toxins and patterns that do not serve me 
  • I am safe, secure, and stable 


  • Energy: Projective 
  • Planets: Mars, Neptune 
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiacs: Scorpio, Pisces 


  • Grounding 
  • Vitality 
  • Courage 
  • Meditation
  • Healing
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