Sacral, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras

  • Attracts wealth
  • Supports you through change
  • Helps you discover your true self
  • Aids in effective decision making
  • Associated with love of all kinds
  • Used for self-love and acceptance
  • Provides protection while traveling 
  • Helps with higher spiritual learning
  • Aligned with the cycles of the moon
  • Opens the heart to nurturing qualities 
  • Capable of bringing love into your life
  • Inspires inner peace and emotional balance
  • Encourages acceptance of your psychic gifts
  • Provides protection as you travel new paths
  • Promotes expression, courage, and flexibility 
  • Brings clarity, understanding, and sensitivity
  • Used as a growth stone for children and teens
  • Helps you communicate with your spirit guides
  • Brings strong energies of abundance to one’s life
  • Can be an emotional support for sensitive children
  • It powerfully affects the female reproductive system
  • Enhances intuition, sensitivity, and psychic abilities
  • Helps you find new energy and go in a new direction
  • Connects you to the divine feminine, and self knowledge
  • Aligns the biorhythms of your body to the rhythms of nature 
  • Helps alleviate menstrual problems and balance hormonal systems
  • It enhances fertility and promotes ease in pregnancy and childbirth
  • Soothes intense overwhelm, and balances and highs and lows you might experience
  • Encourages hope and dreams by providing hope for the future, and dreams of how that future may unfold
  • Encourages you to go with the flow and find peace and calm in the natural rhythms of life


  • I allow the mystery of life to unfold


  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Moon
  • Element: water 
  • Zodiacs: Cancer, Libra, Scorpio


  • Mystery
  • Magic 
  • Harmony
  • Inner peace
  • Hope
  • Inspiration 
  • Fertility 
  • Intuition
  • New Beginnings
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