Heart and Third Eye Chakras 

  • Inspires loyalty
  • A very high energy crystal
  • Stimulates creative energy
  • Promotes peace and compassion
  • Can enhance telepathy and intuition
  • Believed to heal damaged relationships
  • Shifts stuck patterns and resolves conflict
  • Opens communication with higher dimensions
  • Works well together with many other crystals
  • Enhances communication and your psychic awareness 
  • Derived from the greek word kyanos meaning deep blue
  • Restores the flow of energy to the chakras, and aligns them
  • Helps you get out of disputes and disagreements successfully 
  • Helps you overcome several seemingly impossible personal obstacles 
  • Does Not retain negative energy, meaning it does not need energetic cleansing
  • Used for relaxation and meditation, to enhance creativity, broaden perception, and enhancing the understanding of others
  • It fosters tranquility, creating a positive effect on ones dreams, visualizations, and foresight 
  • Excellent for restoring the body’s balance, quieting the mind, creating stillness, and opening the mind


  • I welcome positive change


  • Energy: Projective 
  • Planets: Jupiter
  • Element: water 
  • Zodiacs: Taurus, Libra, Aries


  • Self-expression
  • Tranquility
  • Meditation
  • Happiness 
  • Harmony
  • Spirituality
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