Manifesting, Success, Confidence

Metaphysical Properties

  • Stimulates desires
  • Releases insecurities
  • Manages your anger
  • Promotes good health 
  • Brings you joy and hope
  • Inspires love within you 
  • Helps with manifestations
  • Helps reduce financial loss
  • Helps to warn you of danger
  • Helps to stimulate your desires 
  • Helps you let go of old patterns
  • Drives you to take action on goals
  • Helps dissolve any energy blockages
  • Purifies and balances your emotions
  • Helps you create the reality you want 
  • Brings success into your business matters
  • Lessens the anger you direct toward yourself
  • Helps boost your self-esteem and self confidence
  • Symbolizes fidelity, loyalty, sincerity, grace, and faith
  • Produces strong life force energy to awaken your inner fire
  • Brings your dreams into reality and puts purpose in your life
  • Ensures that energy is flowing smoothing through your body
  • Cleanses the chakras of negative energy and re energizes them


  • I am creating my heart’s desires
  • I am grounded and I am safe
  • My mind, body, and spirit are aligned and working for my greatest possible future


  • Chakras: Root
  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Mars
  • Element: Fire, Earth
  • Zodiacs: Aries, Leo,Virgo, Capricorn, Aquarius
  • Number: 11

Physical Properties

  • Color: Red, Blood Red typically, but can be orange, green, yellow, purple, black, or brown. Blue garnets are extremely rare
  • Habit: Rhombic dodecahedron or cubic
  • Rarity: Common
  • Luster: Vitreous
  • Species: Composed of 6 sub-minerals: Almandine, Pyrope, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossular, and Uvarovite 
  • Zoning: Weak
  • Gravity: 3.5 to 4.3
  • Fracture: Conchoidal to uneven
  • Cleavage: None
  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7.5
  • Twinning: only with some varieties
  • Locations: Brazil, Namibia, Kenya, Tanzania, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, India, Myanmar, Russia 
  • Fluorescence: Varies
  • Pleochroism: None
  • Birefringence: None
  • Transparency: Transparent to translucent
  • Named After: Garnet derives from Gernet meaning “dark red” and the word “Granatus'' meaning grain or seed, in reference to its resemblance to a Pomegranate. First recorded as ΑνθραϪέ by Theophrastus, Pliny the Elder recorded garnet in 77 A.D. as Carchedonius Garamanticus or Garamantic Carbuncle, 
  • Melting point: 1950°C
  • Discovered In: 325 B.C 
  • Luminescence: None
  • Discovered By: Theophrastus
  • Refractive Index: 1.770-1.820
  • System/Structure: Isometric
  • Chemical Formula: (Mg, Ca, Fe2+, Mn2+)3(Al, Fe3+, Cr3+, V3+)2(SiO4)3
  • Inclusions (streak): White, Common
  • Chemistry Classification: Silicate

Health Benefits 

  •  Helps cure inflammatory diseases
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