Root Chakra

  • Heals afflictions
  • Brings you peace of mind
  • Boosts concentration levels
  • Helps to clear unhealthy eyes
  • Able to stimulate hair growth
  • Enhances joy and reduces stress
  • Enhances the characteristic of diplomacy
  • Treats male reproductive system disorders
  • Stimulates insensitiveness and self-expression
  • Helps keep you grounded during any situation
  • Helps stimulate inventiveness and self-expression
  • Named after the locality of Franklin, New Jersey
  • The magnetic charge becomes stronger when it is heated
  • Useful in preservation of your physical body and emotions
  • Slightly magnetic with a chemical composition of ZnFe2O4
  • Only in Franklin and neighboring Ogdensburg, New Jersey
  • When it is heated it becomes infusible and hydrochloric acid will dissolve it without effervescence


  • Despite my circumstances, I am grounded and safe
  • I enjoy my joy more and stress less


  • Energy: Projective 
  • Planets: Earth
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiacs: All


  • Stress relief 
  • Hair growth
  • Preservation
  • Diplomacy
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