Fire Opal

Fire Opal

“Stone of Luck”

Root, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras

  • Stabilizes your aura
  • Can boost your memory
  • Attracts financial abundance
  • Helps you feel at one with nature
  • Balances the body’s water content
  • Helps with problems with fertility
  • Rekindles your lost spiritual energy
  • Has a very powerful cleansing effect
  • Deeply connected to our sensual selves
  • Promotes loving and kind relationships
  • Aids the body in fighting off infections
  • Provides you with an optimistic attitude
  • Addresses energy deficiencies in the body
  • Balances the erratic activities in your brain
  • Will encourage healthy and positive sexuality
  • Will give you a stronger sense of independence
  • Increases energy, sexuality, and self confidence 
  • Eases the birthing process for pregnant women
  • Brings a zest for variety and spices up your life
  • Will attract money, wealth, and abundance in your life
  • Enhances intuition and helps you make better decisions
  • Helpful if you have found your intimacy lacking of late
  • Gives you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
  • Great to use if you’re incredibly shy and lack self-confidence
  • Dispels the negativity in your aura and in your environment
  • Can be very beneficial in curing colds and flu, as well as ulcers
  • Said to have the ability to heal the kidneys and the lower back
  • Able to help you if you’re suffering from an abusive relationship
  • Can also help with troubles related to the hair, bones, teeth, and nails
  • Activates a really strong emotional side of you that’s positive and confident
  • Helps you heal from the bad experiences and assists you in releasing the bad memories
  • Will give you warm and supportive energies, especially if your starting a new business venture
  • Enhances the formation of new blood cells in the bone marrow and support calcium absorption
  • Allows you to enjoy a sense of happiness with the world you live in and the people you interact with
  • Will give you a boost of self-confidence and improve how you think of yourself and how you relate to others
  • The name is used to describe the colorful, translucent to transparent Opal that has a background color of fire red, orange, or yellow


  • I am sustained by my Passionate, Loving Spirit
  • I Graciously share my Heart with the world
  • I am passionate


  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Mars
  • Element: Fire
  • Zodiacs: Aries, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, Pisces


  • Abundance 
  • Creativity
  • Passion
  • Healing
  • Confidence
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