Heart, Third Eye, Crown, and Etheric Chakras 

  • A Leo Birthstone
  • Can help clear chronic conditions
  • Facilitates interdimensional travel
  • Raises your decision making ability
  • Brings peace to your subconscious self 
  • First discovered in 1839 by Charles Shepard
  • Relieves stress and worry by soothing the heart 
  • Promotes Angelic and Spiritual Guide connection
  • Calms down mind chatter that creates stress cycles
  • Aids in insomnia and those who have trouble sleeping
  • Helps open your heart to the divine and enlighten you
  • Opens the crown chakra and links it with the heart chakra
  • Very high quality Danburite is colorless and usually transparent
  • Named after the location it was found in, Danbury, Connecticut
  • Colors can range from white to light yellow, as well as light brown
  • Pushes you to reach resolution, whether it be with yourself or others
  • Promotes self-love to help start emotional healing and karmic cleanup
  • A calcium boron silicate mineral that forms in small prismatic crystals
  • Allows you the ability to process any emotions with a clear and conscious mind
  • Has been found in Russia, Mexico, Bolivia, Myanmar, Japan and Madagascar
  • Activates the higher chakra system (up to the 14th chakra) to help enhance spiritual growth
  • Helps bring you patience and understanding, so you can see all situations from a heart based perspective
  • In the late 1900s and early 1910s Japanese exports of danburite were among the most highly prized


  • I am divinely guided and open to infinite love
  • I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind
  • My nature is divine, and I am a spiritual being


  • Energy: Projective 
  • Planets: Neptune
  • Element: Air
  • Zodiacs: Leo


  • Healing
  • Self-Love
  • Spirituality
  • Enlightenment 
  • Patience
  • Understanding 
  • Angelic Communication
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