Crystals For Manifestation and Transformation

Crystals For Manifestation and Transformation

Dragon’s Vein Agate - Manifest your Life Purpose

Ajoite - Manifest the removal of self-limiting beliefs 

Chevron Amethyst - Amplifies the energy needed to Manifest

Carnelian - Learn How to Manifest

Citrine - Manifest Success

Epidote - Strongly enhances the energy of Manifestation 

Fluorite - Manifest Inner Peace, Clarity, and Focus

Goldstone - Transmutes ideas into Physical Manifestation

Labradorite - Manifest Emotional Change 

Malachite - Manifest Money

Moldavite - Manifest Transformation

Nuummite - Manifest Psychic Abilities

Black Obsidian - Manifest Stability

Snowflake Obsidian - Manifest Balance

Peridot - Provides Positive Manifestations

Pyrite - Manifest Abundance

Rutilated Quartz - Manifest Faster

Strawberry Quartz - Manifest Love

Selenite - Amplify Manifestations

Serpentine - Manifest Healing

Sunstone - Manifest Creativity

Tektite - Manifest Physical Change

Tiger’s Eye - Manifest Good Luck and Prosperity through Creativity

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