Heart, Throat, and Third Eye Chakras

  • Great for teachers
  • Deeply empowering 
  • Calms your emotions
  • Relieves guilt and fear 
  • Aids in emotional healing
  • Promotes level headedness 
  • Draws off negative energy
  • Invokes great inner strength
  • Increases your capacity of love
  • Embodies loving goddess energy
  • Brings comfort in great times of stress
  • Aids in meditation and communication
  • Helps you to share your hearts wisdoms
  • Aids in truthful and loving communication
  • Helps you gain serenity while ongoing changes
  • Great for healing karmic relationship and situations
  • Use it with your third eye to enhance psychic visions
  • Improves communication of feelings and unleashes creativity
  • Helps to bring peace to places where there is constant disruption
  • Helps you to begin mastering forgiveness and unconditional love
  • Empowering the expression of the divine feminie within all of us 
  • Shields and encourages the min during negotiations and discussions
  • Great for people who have trouble communicating during busy times
  • Can be used to bring about calm feelings where there is emotional turmoil
  • Will help you direct your focus on things in which your attention should remain
  • Helps you gain access to higher realms of knowledge and help you freely share that knowledge with others 
  • Helps you understand the language of the light and communicate with cosmic beings
  • Will help you keep your head cool and clear when there are disruptions in your learning environment


  • When expressing myself, I lead from the heart
  • I can express myself and my emotions 


  • Energy: Projective
  • Planets: Venus 
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiacs: Gemini, Taurus, Virgo 


  • Expression
  • Clarity
  • Teaching
  • Kindness 
  • Communication
  • Harmony 
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