Blue Goldstone

Blue Goldstone

Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras 

  • A stone of ambition
  • Helps you generate energy
  • Benefits arthritis conditions
  • Helps to calm and focus the mind
  • Encourages acceptance of who you are
  • Use to increase telepathic communication
  • Assist with learning and communications
  • Provides composure and stabilizes emotions
  • Aids in the channeling of psychic information
  • A gently uplifting stone that promotes vitality
  • Helpful for children who are afraid of the dark
  • Creates a barrier of light the stops negative energy
  • Despite what the name implies there is no gold in it 
  • Associated with the metaphysical properties of copper 
  • Vibrates at a frequency of new beginnings and balance
  • Lifts the spirit and raises our vibration to higher octaves
  • Helps you express authenticity, balance and truthfulness
  • Encourages the discovery and acceptance of authentic self
  • Attracts fame and success, by helping you gain recognition 
  • Shows you that everything is a source of energy and vibrations 
  • Builds energy, courage, and a positive attitude and increases confidence
  • One of the best stones for empaths, and people dealing with hypersensitivity
  • Connects you with the divine, providing you with wisdom, energy, and courage
  • It is man made glass infused with copper particles, with the additions of cobalt, manganese or chromium to give it its deep blue color.
  • Reduces stomach tension, and is helpful to bones, painful joints, and circulation
  •  Contains copper, which is very helpful in areas of inflammation, and increases your blood flow  


  • I trust the intelligence of the universe 
  • I harness my courage and strength 
  • I know there is always light to be found in any darkness 


  • Energy: Receptive
  • Planets: Uranus 
  • Element: Earth, Fire 
  • Zodiacs: Sagittarius, Pisces 


  • Uplifting
  • Protection
  • Ambition
  • Abundance 
  • Courage 
  • Motivation 
  • Deflection 
  • Positive Energy 
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