Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian

Root Chakra

  • Absorbs pain
  • Reveals the truth 
  • It is volcanic glass
  • Considered a stable stone
  • Needs to be cleansed often
  • Stimulates the gift of prophecy
  • Clears the Aura of negative energy
  • Draws out mental stress and tension
  • Helps you to know who you truly are
  • It symbolizes self control and resilience
  • It enhances and intensifies psychic abilities
  • It works extremely fast and with great power
  • Promotes qualities of compassion and strength
  • Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion
  • Dissolves emotional blocks and ancient traumas
  • Often used for gaining clear insight into problems
    • Protects you from negative thoughts and emotions
    • It blocks psychic attacks and negative spiritual energy
    • It is a highly protective stone that stores negative energy 
    • Good for cutting cords that block and inhibit us from moving on
    • Removes harmful emotions such as fear, resentment, anger, and jealousy
    • Helps you channel answers from spirit and our higher selves. It is a scrying tool
    • Protects against psychic attacks and infringements of any kind that may hold you down and feed on your energy


    • I am protected and safe to fully explore my intuition and psychic abilities 
    • I sever all cords that do not serve me 
    • I am a shield against negative energy


    • Energy: Receptive
    • Planets: Saturn
    • Element: Fire 
    • Zodiacs: Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn


    • Protection
    • Purification
    • Grounding
    • Healing
    • Clearing 
    • Clarity 
    • Compassion 
    • Growth
    • Deep Souls Healing
    • Strength 
    • Manifestation 
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