Bamboo Leaf Agate

Bamboo Leaf Agate

Confidence, Courage, Creativity

Metaphysical Properties

  • Helps you enjoy life and love
  • A good stone for entrepreneurs
  • Helps balance yin and yang energies
  • Stimulates the spirit and  lifts your mood
  • Helps clear your mind and stop over thinking
  • Encourages you to embrace the positive energy in life
  • Helps you build a stronger intuition and inner knowing 
  • Assists you with calling upon your angels for protection
  • Helps bring transformation, growth, and new beginnings
  • Helps bring the energies of self acceptance, confidence, and focus
  • Assist with any kind of trauma and can assist in releasing the fear of death
  • Opens new doors that bring a fun, whimsical, and happy energy around you all the time
  • Meditate with during times when you need to believe in yourself, and want what's best for yourself 
  • Helps you overcome negativity and bitterness within the heart, by not only healing anger within the vessel, but also encouraging you to embrace the positive energy in life, while lending you the courage needed to start over


  •  I enjoy life and love
  • I embrace the positive energies in life
  • I overcome any and all bitterness and negativity in my heart


  • Chakras: All Chakras, especially the root
  • Energy: Projective and Receptive
  • Planets: Mercury
  • Element: Water
  • Zodiacs: Cancer
  • Number: 7

Physical Properties

  • Color: A variety of colors, majority different shades of nude, other colors include brown, red, pink, green and orange
  • Habit: Usually as banded or layered botryoidal masses with micro-fibrous structure
  • Rarity: Common
  • Luster: Dull vitreous to Greasy
  • Species: Quartz
  • Zoning: Color banding and layers of inclusions are common
  • Gravity: 2.57-2.64
  • Fracture: Conchoidal to Splintery
  • Cleavage: None
  • Hardness: 6.5 to 7.0
  • Twinning: None
  • Locations: Afghanistan, Antarctica, Argentina, Armeni, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bolivia, Botswana, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Congo, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Czechia, Ethiopia, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Georgia, Hungary, Iceland, India, Iraq, Isle of Man, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mexico, Mongolia, Morocco, Namibia, New Zealand, Norway, Panama, Papua New Guinea Paraguay, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Timor-Leste, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland , United States of America, Uruguay, Viet Nam, Yemen, Zimbabwe
  • Fluorescence: None
  • Pleochroism: None
  • Birefringence: Weak, 0.005 to 0.009
  • Transparency: Translucent, Can be Transparent or Opaque
  • Named After: The river 'Achates'
  • Classification: Chalcedony, Tectosilicate
  • Melting point: 1,600⁰ C
  • Discovered In: Around the 3rd or 4th century (BC) 
  • Luminescence: Inert
  • Discovered By: A Greek philosopher, Theophrastus
  • Chemical Name: Silicon dioxide (aka silica)
  • Refractive Index: 1.53-1.55
  • System/Structure: Hexagonal 
  • Chemical Formula: SiO2
  • Inclusions (streak): White 
  • Chemistry Classification: Silicate

Health Benefits 

  •  Relieves stress 
  • Soothes the nervous system and helps cells regenerate
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