Root and Third Eye Chakras

  • Helps you find your inner truth
  • Helps you access other spiritual planes
  • Expands your connection to mother earth
  • Aids you by helping you make life changes
  • Aids in the growth and healing of friendships
  • Stimulates your mind and improves your memory 
  • Helps you recall and heal from past life experiences
  • Enhances meditation by stopping intrusive thoughts
  • Has a hardness of 6 - 7.5 and a triclinic crystal system
  • The iron in the stone gives it the grey, light black, or brown color
  • First discovered in 1797 by the famed French mineralogist Rene Just Huey
  • Helps you go with the flow of life, and change bad habits without opposition
  • Strengthens your life-force energy and acts as a mirror to show your your true strength
  • The most abundant locations include Mexico, Japan, France, Russia, Switzerland, Pakistan, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.
  • A group of rare borosilicate minerals (Mangano Axinite, Magnesio Axinite, Ferroaxinite, and Tinzenite) that crystallize in the form of extruding tabular crystals off a rock matrix
  • Named after the Greek word “axine” meaning “ax”, in reference to the long bladed crystals that resemble an axe
  • Commonly found when excavating other stones such as Diopside,Quartz, Prehnite , Actinolite, and Calcites
  • Its chemical formula is n{(Ca, Fe, Mn)3Al2BO3Si4O12OH} and p{Ca2(Fe, Mn)Al2BSi4O12(OH)}
  • The most common form of axinite is ferroaxinite which was given its name due to the high iron content 


  • I am connected 
  • My past life traumas no longer affect me 


  • Energy: Projective and Receptive
  • Planets: Earth, Pluto, Neptune, The Sun
  • Element: Earth
  • Zodiacs: Aries


  • Grounding
  • Endurance 
  • Energy Work
  • Healing
  • Past Life Healing 
  • Inner Truth
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