Crystals for Energy

Crystals for Energy

Crystals for Energy

Dragon’s Vein Agate - Promotes energy

Anyolite - Provides the right amount of spiritual energy

Apophyllite - Energizes your spirit, An energy conductor

Aquamarine - Helps you receive new energy and clears away old energy

Green Aventurine - Helps you maintain energy

Axinite - Strengthens life force energy

Bloodstone - Restores energy, Fuels energy levels

Carnelian - Provides masculine energy, Is the color of energy, 

Chalcopyrite - Maintains your physical energy

Chrysocolla - Embodies goddess energy

Emerald - Represents free flowing energy

Epidote - Raises the energy of your emotional body

Ethyrite - Charges you with divine energy, Assists with energy flow

Fluorite - Harmonizes spiritual energy

Goldstone -  Allows for energy flow between realms

Blue Goldstone - Connects you to divine energy

Labradorite - Connects you to universal energies, Removes unwanted energies

Moonstone - Helps you find new energies

Morganite - Strengthens heart energy

Nebula - Harmonizes with your personal energy, Provides supportive energy

Nuummite- Releases energy trapped in the subconscious

Fire Opal - Rekindles lost spiritual energy

Pyrite - Provides masculine energy, Protects you using earth energies

Raspberry Quartz - Treats energy flow disorders

Strawberry Quartz - Stimulates the hearts energy systems 

Rhodonite - Quiets psychic energies

Rose Quartz - Expands heart energy, Circulates divine energy

Black Salt - Deflects energy

Sunstone - Carries energies to uplift you, Cuts energetic cords

Tiger’s Eye - Energizes the emotional body

Black Tourmaline - Protects against EMF and 5G energy

Increase Energy 






Lava Rock

Mookaite Jasper

Clear Quartz

Removes Energy Blockages

Crazy Lace Agate 


Black Tourmaline 

Tourmalinated Quartz 


For Energy Fields (aka the Aura)

Botswana Agate - Brings healing energy to the aura

Tree Agate - Clears energy blockages in the aura

Anyolite - Engages your energetic field

Bloodstone - Dispels unwanted energies from the aura

Black obsidian - Cleanses the aura of negative energy

Prehnite - Provides a protective energy field

Rhodochrosite - Connects you to the body’s energetic field

Selenite - Clears energy blocks in the aura

Tourmalinated Quartz - Connects you to others energy fields

White Quartzite - Aligns the energy field

Turquoise - Strengthens subtle energy fields

High Vibrational Energies



Red tiger’s eye

Raises Vibrational Energies

Blue Goldstone

Black Salt


Generate Energy


Blue Goldstone

Rutilated Quartz



Cleanses and Clears Energy

Black agate

Ajoite - Clears disharmonious energy


Tourmalinated Quartz 


Balance Energy



Tourmalinated Quartz

Enhance Energy

Tree Agate 


Clear Quartz


Combatting Energy Vampires

Dragon’s Vein Agate 

Red Aventurine 


Amplify Energy

Chevron Amethyst - Amplifies energy needed for manifestation

Clear Quartz

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