Crystals For Anxiety

Crystals For Anxiety

Black Agate - Relieves anxiety 

Botswana agate - helps you overcome anxiety in crowded places 

Amazonite - relieves and alleviates anxiety 

Apophyllite - brings relief from anxiety 

Aquamarine - Calms anxiety

Bronzite - alleviates and aids anxiety from new situations

Orchid orange calcite - clears anxiety

Yellow calcite - removes emotional anxieties 

Celestite - relieves anxiety by promoting mental clarity 

Chrysoprase - calms anxiety 

Fluorite - Protects you from anxiety 

Howlite - Relieves anxiety 

Turquoise Howlite - reduces and relieves anxiety

Picture Jasper - alleviates anxiety 

Kunzite - relieves anxiety by promoting love 

Labradorite - reduces and relieves anxiety 

Malachite - alleviates anxiety 

Peridot - protects against anxiety 

Prehnite - relieves anxiety

Smoky Quartz - calms anxiety 

Rhodonite - dispels anxiety 

Selenite - relieves and alleviates anxiety 

Tiger’s Eye- Dispeals anxiety 

Black Tourmaline - dissolves anxiety 

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