Juno's Retrograde

Juno's Retrograde

About Juno

Juno’s direct movement represents relationships that are fair, equal, and operate based on respect.

Obvious Expressions include: Balanced partnerships the honor both individuals purpose and connection through commitment, equality, and loyalty.

Shadow Expressions include: Attachment Patterns, Power Struggles, Jealousy in relationships, Fear, Manipulation, and Controlling expressions of the feminine that detach us from personal needs and selfhood

What is Juno Retrograde?

Juno calls into question our habitual ways of relating to others

During Juno Retrograde you may find yourself asking “Why am I in this partnership?” or “Does this partnership have equal give and take?”

This applies to all relationships (Romantic, Platonic, and Business)

Can last anywhere from 10-17 weeks

Apart of a grand Venus cycle that last about 4 years

If your relationship is close to a breaking point, Juno’s retrograde will force it to break, so it can either be fixed or you can move on

When Juno is direct and conjunct by the sun, It is called the Commitment Rapture Day. When Juno is retrograde and opposed by the sun, It is called the Commitment Clarity Day. The day of Clarity is named such, because it's the day that the effects of Juno’s retrograde become clear as to why its happening

When juno goes into retrograde, problems are highlighted including; Infidelity, power struggles, emotional abuse, and separation

This doesn’t mean a relationship will end, as these retrogrades provide the opportunity to grow from the struggles and challenges.

This process can actually strengthen relationships

This could also help you realize when the relationship is lost and help you to find the strength to move on

Relationships where someone may feel like they cannot fully express themselves, or where they feel trapped, will undergo a deep transformation

Personal relationships may begin to feel suspicious because people don’t live up to their promises 

Business partnerships are reviewed because of potential lack of benefits and deceit involved.

Juno embodies the trust issues you may have, and may even amplify them.

Juno retrograde makes us confront the red flags we’ve been ignoring.

Juno The Goddess

Juno is the roman goddess of marriage, as well as the queen of gods.

She is Jupiter’s Wife, and she is very head strong and a fierce protector. 

Juno’s husband (Jupiter) is a serial womanizer, and this lead Juno to gaining the reputation of making his mistresses and illegitimate children miserable 

Juno brings down her godly wrath on those who dare harm a woman and her children

Tendencies of people born during Juno Retrograde


May Internalize and think more about marriage and partnerships 

May think a lot about fairness, equality, sacrifice, and overall commitment to a union

May have issues committing due to overthinking about their complexities

May come across as shy

 Juno Vs Venus



Presides over marriage and business partnerships

Presides over love, connections, intimacy, and beauty

Often indicates what type of person we should marry or would find it easiest to commit to. 

Releases relationships that no longer serve you

Sends relationships to their breaking point

Rewrites myths about your value and worth

Helps you to regain freedom in your relationships

Reconnects and makes it right with old flames, friends, or family 


Main Motivators for Partnership By Sign

Juno in Fire Signs

Aries: Relationships with excitement that also involve independence

Leo: Looks for Admiration

Sagittarius: Looks for a unified vision

Keep your eyes on your passion that could lead to far into drama or become destructive


Juno in Earth Signs

Taurus: Looks for stability and physical security

Virgo: Looks for day to day support

Capricorn: Looks For dependability

Ideal long term partners could include people you meet at work, or through friend of the family


Juno in Air Signs

Gemini: Looks for Mental stimulation

Libra: Looks for equality

Aquarius: Looks for freedom

Best time to hone in on your communication skills and stay open to something non-traditional

Juno in Water Signs

Cancer: Looks for nurturing partners

Scorpio: Looks for intimate bonding

Pisces: Looks for spiritual connection

Juno may not be prone to seeing things clearly. Keep away from manipulation, power struggles, and fantasy. Karmic partnership may form at a church, through family friends, or even at intense bastions of sexuality (ex. Strip clubs)

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