Crystals for Pluto Retrograde

Crystals for Pluto Retrograde

  • Hematite (The best for Pluto Retrograde)
  • Tourmaline (2nd best for doing the work)
  • Amethyst (Best for not wanting to deal with the retrograde)
  • Moonstone (Best for wanting to observe without doing the work)
  • Citrine (Best support crystal) 
  • Rhodochrosite (A support crystal)
  • Moldavite (Not recommended for those who aren’t ready to dive in head first)
  • Obsidian (Scrying tool)

Hematite helps you to release patterns of behavior that no longer serve you

Tourmaline helps eliminate fear, making it easier to confront hidden emotions

Amethyst increases your will power and decreases your destructive behaviors

Moonstone allows you to reflect and practice introspection without fear 

Citrine helps you find balance between heavy emotions and feelings of gratitude

Rhodochrosite helps you forgive yourself for the past mistakes and let go of any guilt associated with it

Moldavite helps you connect with your higher self and the wisdom your higher self has. Moldavite is known for not being a gentle healer. It will strip you down to nothing so it can replace it with what you need. Be careful working with Moldavite 

Obsidian helps you scry your thoughts to find out what needs to be released. You can stare into its shiny coating to find images that mean something to you. This will help trigger the thoughts of what needs to be worked on. 

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