About Capricorn Energy

About Capricorn Energy



Date: December 22 - January 19

Element: Earth

Planet: Saturn

Quality: Cardinal

Duality: Receptive

Energy: Feminine 

Birthstone: Garnet

Symbol: Goat

Lucky Numbers: 4

Ruling House: 10th (Public Image, Career, Legacy)

God: Goddess of Harvest, Queen of the Underworld (Persephone)

Day: Saturday

Tarot: Devil

Colors: Black, Brown, Purple

Body Part: Knees, Joints, Skeletal System, Teeth

Stones: Black Diamond, Onyx

Metal: Lead, Pewter 

Herbs: Cypress, Vervain

Incense: Musk

Animals: Goat, Donkey


  • Ambitious 
  • Determined
  • Disciplined 
  • Driven
  • Liable
  • Organized
  • Patient
  • Persistent
  • Responsible 
  • Self- Control
  • Strategic  


  • Awaits negative situations to occur
  • Cynical 
  • Greedy
  • Fearful 
  • Miserly
  • Pessimistic 
  • Rigid
  • Ruthless
  • Unforgiving 

Capricorn Energy

The most self-disciplined

Keeps its feelings hidden

Difficult to gain a its trust

Can seem cold and inflexible

Has a very dry sense of humor

May even refuse to believe facts

Tends to be the strong silent type

Diligent, hard-working, and calm

Tends to be right most of the time

Tends to be very good with numbers

Never the one to be loud and obnoxious

Doesn’t like to be or admit that it's wrong

Great to have on your side in an argument

Tends to go along with its drive to succeed

Has the reputation of being rather pessimistic

Will fight fiercely for what it believes is right

Failures can lead to deeply self-critical thoughts

Great advice givers to more emotional zodiac signs

Can find amusement in situations that others do not

Oftentimes the muscle behind many plans and decisions

Has an innate ability to analyze things with a cool head

Can give the impression of being rather stingy and selfish

Has a higher chance than other signs to fall into depression

Its relentless drive towards its goals can sometimes backfire

Has the innate ability to analyze both situations and people

Good at protecting itself and tends not to get hurt too much

Doesn’t tend to have someone in its life it can trust and talk to

Can argue fiercely and with facts that others would find hard to deny

Has the understanding that what it seeks can not be achieved overnight

Often takes life very seriously and fails to understand how others do not

Known for being extremely disciplined, patient and handles pressure well

Can keep key information and resources to itself to gain an advantage against others

Tends to be very good at seeing through any illusions, emotional, political or otherwise

Tends to go about its tasks without feeling the need to advertise its many achievements

Has a perfectionist streak, that if left unchecked can feed into their self-destructive ways of thinking

Quite shy, guarded and reserved, and it doesn’t let people get too close until it is sure they can be trusted

Will avoid things such as jealousy, anger, inefficiency and laziness because these things useless towards its goals

Very goal orientated and finds it natural to set goals, Achieving is very important to it and it will always put its achievements first

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