LYC's Crystal Dictionary

  • Snowflake Obsidian

    Root and Third Eye Chakras

    • Volcanic glass
    • Calming and soothing 
    • Clears you of toxicities
    • Dissolves blockages and tension
    • It is a calming and cooling stone
    • Balances the mind body and spirit
    • Empowers isolation and loneliness
    • Helps you surrender during meditation
    • A purity stone that removes negativity
    • Comes from the raw energy of the Earth
  • Dalmatian Jasper

    Root Chakra

    • Stimulates joy
    • Eases boredom 
    • A grounding stone 
    • Provides protection
    • Absorbs negative energy
    • Removes disillusionment 
    • Balances yin and yang energy
    • Increases loyalty in relationships
    • Brings tranquility and wholeness
  • Amazonite

    Heart and Throat Chakras Helps to relieve anxiety  Increases self confidence Activates the Throat Chakra Known as the lucky hope stone Inspires y...
  • Pink Agate

    • A stabilizing stone 
    • Grounds and balances 
    • Has roots in the Neolithic era
    • Introduces strength during tough times
    • Helps to increase security and confidence 
    • One of the oldest recorded stones in history
    • Brings clarity into the mind, and change into the life
    • Stimulates intuitions, imagination, and artistic qualities
    • Aids one in overcoming heart bitterness and stabilizing the aura
    • Mentioned in the bible as one of the 12 stones on Aaron’s breastplate