LYC's Crystal Dictionary

  • Malachite

    aka The Guardian Stone

    Heart and Throat Chakras

    • Stimulates Dreams
    • An empowering stone
    • Encourages risk-taking
    • Helps you sense danger
    • Mostly made up of copper
    • Helps you resist temptation 
    • Helps with emotional balance
    • Aids in manifestation and change
    • Fills your auric fields with positivity
    • Can enhance intuition and creativity
    • Motivates you to get up and get going
  • Anyolite

    aka Ruby in Zoisite, The stone of vitality

    Root, Heart, Third eye, and Crown

    • Provides motivation
    • Enhances psychic abilities
    • Helps restore peace and calm
    • Helps to prevent mood swings
    • The largest deposits are in India
    • Aids you to feel empathy for others
    • Comes from a Masai word meaning green
    • Gives the right amount of spiritual energy 
    • Helps you communicate to your spirit guides
  • Kyanite

    • Inspires loyalty
    • A very high energy crystal
    • Stimulates creative energy
    • Promotes peace and compassion
    • Can enhance telepathy and intuition
    • Believed to heal damaged relationships
    • Shifts stuck patterns and resolves conflict
    • Opens communication with higher dimensions
    • Works well together with many other crystals
    • Enhances communication and your psychic awareness 
    • Derived from the greek word kyanos meaning deep blue