LYC's Crystal Dictionary

  • Chalcopyrite

    aka Peacock’s Ore

    All Chakras especially Crown 

    • Aligns the chakras
    • Strengthens the Aura
    • Activates inner security 
    • A great protective crystal
    • Inspires happiness and joy
    • Shields you from negativity
    • Promotes happiness and love
    • Will increase your self-esteem 
    • Enhances your inner knowing
    • Removes negativity and blocks
    • Can eliminate toxins from the body
    • Promotes prosperity and abundance
    • Aids with creativity and inspiration
    • Helps you find missing or lost objects
    • Helps you trust what you physically see
  • Ajoite

    Aka The Stone of Awakening

    Heart, Throat, Third Eye, and Crown Chakras

    • Enhances Creativity
    • Stimulates forgiveness
    • Commonly found in quartz
    • Great for emotional support
    • Clears stress within the body 
    • Helps you with emotional healing
    • Stimulates you to communicate with truth
    • Aids healers and brings peace and harmony
    • Aids with sweet and loving communication
    • A blue or blue-green copper silicate material
    • Helps you have a strong ability to concentrate
  • Bornite

    aka Peacock Ore

    Crown Chakra

    • Boosts Happiness
    • Heals the chakras
    • Promotes awareness
    • Enhances inner knowing
    • Commonly found in Mexico
    • Removes negativity and blocks
    • Stimulates adrenaline production
    • An excellent tool for rebirthing work
    • Helps the body create and use calcium
    • Encourages prosperity and abundance
    • Brings a freshness and newness to life