LYC's Crystal Dictionary

  • Chalcopyrite

    aka Peacock’s Ore

    All Chakras especially Crown 

    • Aligns the chakras
    • Strengthens the Aura
    • Activates inner security 
    • A great protective crystal
    • Inspires happiness and joy
    • Shields you from negativity
    • Promotes happiness and love
    • Will increase your self-esteem 
    • Enhances your inner knowing
    • Removes negativity and blocks
    • Can eliminate toxins from the body
    • Promotes prosperity and abundance
    • Aids with creativity and inspiration
    • Helps you find missing or lost objects
    • Helps you trust what you physically see
  • Serpentine

    Aka New Jade

    All Chakras

    • Balances hormones 
    • Increases peace and calm
    • Clears emotional baggage 
    • Attracts love and abundance
    • Aids in the healing of the earth
    • Brings remembrance of past live
    • Clears clouded areas of the chakras
    • Releases unwanted behavior patterns
    • Enhances contact with elemental beings
  • Chakra Stones

    • Yogic tradition states that there are 7 wheels that turn inside of the body and maintain the flow of energy. These wheels start at the base of the spine and move to the crown of the head
  • Raspberry Quartz

    Heart Chakra

    • Balances and aligns all 7 chakras
    • Clears your aura and stills the mind
    • Clears energy blockages in the 7 chakras
  • Rutilated Quartz

    • Aids in self control 
    • Can act as an antidepressant 
    • Also called Venus’s hair stone
    • An efficient vibrational healer
    • A tool for enlightening the soul
    • It amplifies energy and thoughts
    • Links the root chakra to the crown chakra 
    • Infuses the body with divine light and energy
    • Promotes spiritual growth and creative power